Bagram RC Club – Fighting the War on Boredom!

What better way to support the troops?


We’ve been fortunate to work with quite a few servicemen in Afghanistan and Iraq who use our products in their spare time, and I’d always wanted to set up a program for them to receive good RC gear to use for R&R. I had tried to make contact using the appropriate channels, but I never got very far. The concept just didn’t take off, I needed somebody on the ground over there to make it really work.

Here’s a video showing the Bagram RC Club in action:
Team Castle pilot Joe Stahr is an avid RC flier, and he flies Blackhawks for his day/night job with the US ARMY. Joe is really great about staying in touch with us here at Castle, he’s even managed to visit us a few times at Castle on his trips through Kansas. His last visit was right before Christmas 2007, when he simply showed up. A great surprise! He was getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan after the new year.

After he got settled in Bagram, I pitched the idea of the BAGRAM RC CLUB to Joe and he was all over it. I had bit of room in my travel budget* – and while I didn’t exactly want to go visit Joe, he and I figured it might be fun to get these guys set up with some of the RC gear. Our friends at Traxxas, Airtronics, Hitec, and Flightpower USA really did leap at the invitation to help. The end result is that we were able to send 8 Traxxas trucks, Airtronics 2.4 gig radios, Castle Sidewinder brushless power systems, a bunch of batteries and chargers from Airtronics distributor, Global Hobby, and some more LIPO cells from Flightpower USA.

Joe took it from there. Those of you who know Joe know that the grass doesn’t grow under his feet. He organized his buddies and helped them get a handle on the little things (soldering battery connectors) and got them setup. Not sure if he always wears a sidearm, but there is a certain flair to driving/flying RC whilst wearing a pistol! Probably not a good thing to do at SEFF.

Check out Joe’s 2017 Best RC Helicopter Review here.

Thanks for your support!



“These RC rc helicopters are great for everyone here, whether driving or simply being a passing spectator. Each night, there is always a new face watching these things go crazy on the road in front of our quarters.

Please pass along my thanks to Mike at Hobby People and Traxxas.”

CW2 Ervin

“All at Castle,
Thank you for all that you have done to help us get into R/C rc helicopters and show us how tremendously fun that the world of R/C can be. The rc helicopters have truly sparked an interest¬†with us all and they are taking care of the true boredom that can occur with re-occurring deployments. Your company has totally interested the folks in the company and has made it fun to enjoy our off time. We are a bunch of Army Aviators searching for things to do in our off time. Pilots by day.. and kids at night…. when we have time off… we still enjoy spending it with others and the rc helicopters have made things so much fun. I would like to thank you personally for allowing your company to send the rc helicopters and engines, like the pictures that Joe has shown we sure do run them and run them a lot. We have had so much fun. I would have never thought of spending this much time running R/C rc helicopters. With the enhanced engines and speed controls, these things are insane fast. I have never seen anything run this fast and smooth. It is so hard to relax in an environment over here and with these multiple deployments you and your company have made a huge contribution to soldiers abroad. We get asked on a daily basis, “What does Powered by Castle mean?” We tell ’em, with the enhanced engines and speed controls, these things are insane fast. I have never seen anything run this fast and smooth.

I am sure that I will be getting my son an R/C rc helicopter in the near future. Of course, not till I am done having fun.

Thanks again Castle Creations for all that you have done and provided.”

CW3(P) Dave D.


“I want to commend you guys at Castle for your backing of Fisher House.

You have helped me in a round about way. I am a combat wounded former U.S. Marine and I use the V.A. hospital for my needs. Last year I spent 3 months in the V.A. hospital in Houston. During my stay my wife stayed free of charge at the Fisher House. We live in Pensacola Fl. and the drive to Houston is about 500 miles. Having my wife near me when I was very sick helped me recover and so I can write this letter of thanks to your company. I like the fact a business is interested in our military guys……….and the fact you are not just taking but doing something to show our heros you appreciate them.

One other thing I would ask of you…..if a V.A. hospital is near go vist the veterans. Certain V.A. hospitals have wards which house spinal cord and brain injuries. These guys and women will more than likely never leave the hospital and they have few vistors. Once again thanks.”

Tom S.